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Robin Heath Tour, Sunday 15th, Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th September 2019

We are excited to be offering our second two day tour with Robin Heath, exploring the megalithic culture and the link between the Preseli Bluestone and Stonehenge

Introductory talk and discussion with Robin Heath- Sunday 15th
2 Days Exploring locations with Robin Heath- Monday 16th  Tuesday 17th
Opportunity for book sale and signing
All transport to and from the various sites

Further information on Robin Heath:
​Robin Heath was an industrial engineer and a senior lecturer prior to changing his career to that of exploring our megalithic culture.

For over thirty years, through eleven published works, his research has since refuted the 'Howling Barbarian' view of Neolithic achievements, and aligns with the view of the astronomer Professor Fred Hoyle, that the megalith builders were meticulous observers of the night sky, calculated using numbers, and communicated sophisticated astronomical knowledge from generation to generation.

In addition, Robin has brought to light previously unknown geometrical connections between individual monuments across large landscapes, and recovered the measurement systems and geodetic techniques that suggest how this was achieved.
Through presentations, interactive tours, media appearances and his published works, Robin has revealed the prehistoric 'megalithic science' that has often been assumed absent or otherwise neglected by mainstream archaeology.

Bluestone at Carn Menyn

Tour Itinerary

Sunday 15th September

  • 16:00-18:00  Tour overview & presentation at Cnapan Guest House, Robin Heath to meet guests and give an introductory presentation. Tea, coffee & cake provided.

Day 1
Monday 16th September

  • 09:30  Pick-up from Cnapan Guest House
  • 10:00  Tour and inspection of local megalithic locations to include:

Castell Mawr (The Preseli Circle)/ Pentre Ifan / Llech y Drybedd

  • 13:30   Lunch at Llech y Drybedd (Lunch not included)
  • 14:30   Visit to Trellyfiant and Carreg Coetan Arthur
  • 16:00   Return to Cnapan

Day 2
Tuesday 17th September

  • 09:30  Pick-up from Cnapan Guest House
  • 10:30   Tour and inspection of local megalithic locations to include:

           Foel Drygarn / Carn Menyn (A visit to the Bluestone site)

  • 12:00   Practical laying out of a) an Aubrey Calendar Clock and b) Lunation

Triangle to produce a soli-lunar calendar, forecast tides & predict eclipses.  

  • 13:00   Lunch (Not included)
  • 16:00   Return to Cnapan for debrief and Q&A session with Robin. Books for sale.

*Schedules and walking locations are subject to change and may vary depending on weather conditions.

*Packed lunches can be pre ordered at a price of £5 per person, per day.

After the success of our first tour with Robin Heath we would advise you to book soon to avoid disappointment.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

To reserve a place, please call 07496 057269 or email info@vipwales.co.uk   

Pricing Information

£160 per person
(Full payment required at time of booking)

Limited to a maximum of 16 people.

How to book

If you would like to book a VIP Experience, please call us today on 07496 057269 or complete an enquiry form by clicking here. We will reply with a tailor made itinerary just for you.