Our Story

VIP Wales is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Ewan and Laura. When they’re not busy running their business, they are having fun with their two boys, aged 6 and 4, in the countryside around their Pembrokeshire home.


From: North Pembrokeshire. I’m a native Welsh speaker. VIP Wales operates in what was my back garden when I was growing up.

Background: Previously a Ranger for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, covering the North of the county. An amazing role which I loved- who wouldn't!

I’ve worked in management roles in the hospitality industry, both in the UK and abroad. That’s included organising and running large corporate functions and world-class sporting events, as well as planning private, more-intimate occasions. I’ve travelled the world, but Laura and I wanted to bring our boys up in Pembrokeshire. There’s nowhere to match it.

VIP Wales role: I oversee the day to day life at VIP Wales and I take great pleasure in tailoring itineraries, leading guided walks and sharing my local knowledge of Pembrokeshire.

Perfect day off: A busman’s holiday, out walking. I love being out and about exploring the countryside and discovering new routes to share.


From: The Cotswolds. I feel very fortunate now to be able to call Pembrokeshire my home.

Background: I too have previously worked in the hospitality trade, which is where Ewan and I met. Having travelled and worked abroad as a teacher I now enjoy a part time role in a travel agency.

VIP Wales role: I am the travel consultant, overseeing individual bookings and administration. I am a qualified lowland leader guide and take great pleasure in delivering our local tours and sharing Pembrokeshire with our guests.

Perfect day off: A family walk and some time on the beach with the boys. And, maybe, a little Celtic long boat rowing if the weather permits.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger

How VIP Wales came to be:

Returning to Pembrokeshire, Ewan took on the General Manager role at one of the best hotels along the coast.  He says: “I was soon aware that many walkers were booking with the larger, well-known walking companies, none of which are based in Pembrokeshire - or even in Wales.”

Talking to guests, they would tell him that they thought the Coast Path was spectacular, but that but that they were finding it hard going. Many left Pembrokeshire having discovered little, or nothing, of the county’s rich history and culture, and of landscapes away from the coast.

VIP Wales was created to be the flipside of that coin. Its tailor-made holidays tap into a wealth of local knowledge and contacts. 

“We wish for our guests to enjoy themselves and relax during their stay, soaking up the sea air and doing as much, or as little, as takes their fancy,” says Ewan.